The Green Valley

The Green Valley Plantation Management Berhad (TGVY) is a leading professional plantation management expert, specializing in Musang King durian cultivation, research and land leasing services. Operating on an ecological park concept, TGVY expertly fuses smart sustainability practices with the cultivation of fruits, vegetable and bee breeding.

TGVY strives to become the next frontier in environmentally-friendly development. The company never loses its focus on protecting the environment. It actively preserves, protects and conserves the natural surroundings by upholding a healthy ecological cycle in its cultivation practises.

The company aims to become an industry standard in planting management and supervision. By infusing innovation and technology, TGVY is able to conduct real-time monitoring to keep track of the growth of Musang King trees.

This corporate profile details TGVY’s structured development plan, an overview of the business and operation and a look at the future growth and development.

Top Management Team
Dato' Seri Choong Peng Soon
Dato’ Seri Choong Peng Soon is a well-respected figure in the local business world. At the age of 70, he decided to channel his life experience to give back to the environment. These days, he actively cultivates and grows various plants as a way to benefit the environment and society at large. He is hugely respected for his selflessness and devotion to environmental conservation.
Dato' Jeff Choong Yong Pang
Founder/Executive Director
As the key decision maker of The Green Valley, Dato’ Jeff spares no effort in promoting the development of environmental sustainable projects. Armed with a wealth of experience and a fiery passion for environmental protection, Dato’ Jeff aims to build something that will spearhead greater development in the environmental protection field. His vision has also helped the company to break through the international market.
Winson Keh
Chief Executive Officer
As the CEO of The Green Valley, Winson Keh is one of the key figures who practices and promotes innovative ideas for marketing and operations. He is an executor with a vision and is good at identifying and using talents. He always strives for progress and instils persistency in his work. He actively promotes the ecological chain of The Green Valley and will continue to focus on developing and strengthening the company.
To influence market forces through vibrant and sustainable agriculture activity that reduces pollution and upholds a healthy ecological cycle by balancing environmental and economic concerns and achieving a win-win situation.
  • To create and facilitate the development of value-added agricultural businesses
  • To support and boost the national economy
  • To promote innovations in sustainable agriculture and rural enterprises through capacity development
  • To uphold efficient management of technical, administrative, financial and personnel services
  • To develop collaborative and consultative alliances at all levels
  • To manage land and water resources in a sustainable and cost-effective way
  • Focuses on ongoing R&D activities to enhance, protect and benefit Grower
  • Enforces strict practices of environment protection and sustainability
  • Assesses project risks, and maintains and develops processes to limit these risks
  • Sets operational goals and key performance indicators that measurably reduce environmental footprint and promote sustainable business practices
Company Milestone
JULY 2018
The establishment of Management Team and setting up durian plantation
NOV 2018
Durian Cultivation
JAN 2019
The opening of TGVY Head Office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
MARCH 2019
Establishment of Karak, Temerloh plantation
APRIL 2019
Establishment of Gua Musang durian nursery farm
JUNE 2019
The official launch of TGVY
NOV 2019
Establishment of Raub plantation
Leading Upstream Industry
TGVY aims to become the world's largest Musang King plantation company in the world. The company has plan to acquire and establish 5,000 acres of Musang King plantation by the end of 2020, with 150,000 durian trees in cultivation.
Land Acquisition
In Malaysia, freehold properties/lands are higher in value than those of leasehold. TGVY plans to acquire 1,000 acres of high-quality freehold land in the state of Pahang by the end of 2021.
Agricultural Strength
Of Malaysia
Geographical Advantage
  • Conducive Cultivation Environment
  • 100% Natural Ripening of Musang King Free from Natural Disaster
  • Free from Natural Disaster
Global Monopoly Advantage
  • Worldwide Sales Network
  • Strong Secondary Market
  • Building Global Community
Geographical Advantage
  • Huge Market Demand
  • The World’s Unique Musang King
Corporate Management & System Advantage
  • Strong Branding
  • Advanced Cultivation Technology
  • Professional Plantation Team
  • Professional Management System
  • Strong Networking Structure
  • Financial Stability
  • Availability of Equipment
  • Closed-loop Supply Chain
Corporate Social Responsibility
TGVY will continue to focus on its strengths while accumulating a wealth of planting experience to become a leading company in the global Musang King durian cultivation industry.
Awards & Certification
August 2017
TGV Joins the United National Global Compact as a Member
December 2018
TGV is Awarded at the Malaysia Business Excellence Awards 2018
September 2019
Dato’ Choong Yong Pang is recognized as one of the Malaysia 20 Young Entrepreneurs 2019
September 2019
TGC Wins the Sin Chew Business Excellence Awards